Hey there!

I'm Cass, owner of RePete Candle + Coffee Bar in Warsaw, Illinois. I completely lose track of time when I’m pouring candles or developing a new menu or building new business ideas - it’s something I can’t turn off. It’s my passion. Several years ago I found a candle making kit online and thought it would be fun to make some for my own home. My first batch made way more than I anticipated and I wound up giving several away as gifts. Flash forward eight years later, and we’re a full-fledged candle and coffee making business proudly partnering with local organizations to fundraise, shipping nationwide, traveling with our coffee trailer, and supplying several midwest boutiques.

Repete Candle and Coffee Bar owners holding a candle and a lotus drink

Dynamic Duo

My husband, Brandon manages the drink side of business and I manage the candle side. Together we have big plans for our small town and surrounding communities and dreams bigger than we could have ever imagined. We have two adorable babies at home who are our reason why. We truly make the perfect team.